Remembering you feed and tears inevitably circulate slowly down my cheeks. You grandmother so I gave you or I could give you is me shakes the heart and the soul, so you didn’t or I didn’t give bristling me skin. Enjoy from there where you’re my gaze lost in the horizon when I think of my silence you and if necessary, I will build a transparent stairway up to the sky and lower a star to brighten your heart and if necessary the evenings I sumergire in my dreams to go with you and hug you tightly and the next day lift with a smile on my face because manages to feel even at the distance but today life us separate, by enormous walls lugrubes. To remind you there are no barriers that prevent producing that tingling in my skin and that crying that flows from my heart. Vos that woman had given me everything he could emotionally since I was a baby until I become a woman, today you’re after gloomy walls, many times I need to cross them to look at that face even a moment.

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