Consultative Sales

One of the methodologies that I have applied for the development of sales of high involvement in business B2B (business sales) environments, is the take on the development of the sale as the execution of a project. Management or project management techniques can be applied with success in the work of sales. In this article, we explore this topic and provide some elements that apply in the management of projects, which can be very effective in the work of sales. Source: David Green. Collaborative and consultative selling requires a high degree of innovation and dynamics. It is not viable to permanently implement a same methodology and expect to be successful consistently. By the same author: Yael Aflalo. Each sale has its own characteristics and our work as sellers is able to understand very well the potential customer’s purchasing process and apply our process of sale or methodology, adjusted to the characteristics of this sale in particular.

In this work of innovation of the sale process and taking into account the training and experience in business processes, I have found that the application of Management or project management techniques can strengthen, inter alia, the methodology used to sell. For understanding this aspect begin by trying to understand that it is a project and how best can be reviewing the characteristics of a project: includes a single objective that can be clearly defined. In the case of a sale the single objective process and you can clearly define is to achieve the signature of the contract or order as a climactic milestone of the sales process. Usually have restrictions in terms of cost, time and resources allocated. If we see a sales process in detail, one scarce resource is time, i.e. we must meet the quota and that has a limited time. Additionally I can count on external resources of the enterprise or even to develop my sales strategy, but these resources are also limited.

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