Payment power: determining Factor, the risk index is directly related over time where payment; becomes effective term greater greater risk, consequently term minor minor risk. Sometimes it is better to earn less but charge shorter that earn more and Fund to long delays. This will exclusively depend on the level of risk that you want to take each company. ADVANTAGES as a first measure is the reduction of costs of representation; having a seller or salesman which explore different cities implies vehicle, food, accommodation and course costs the Commission which must be perceived by its sales and collections. Telemarketing or telesales sales is a real much cheaper alternative and that is being applied increasingly frequently in companies. This alternative is clearly a new way of direct marketing and which conforms to the reality of leaner times. Telemarketing is really a true tool of sale and very competitive and although there are some detractors who mentioned that a call can be considered indiscreet or disturbing, I personally think that, on the contrary, if you know properly implemented this tool is the possibility to directly contact the customer. A good telemarketing will use its power of persuasion and will pave the way, sometimes rough, to reach the customer directly and there clarify doubts or concerns that could have regarding the properties or characteristics of the product or service that is offered as well as the same company; without forgetting that it is also a means of advertising.

Telemarketing allows you to resolve at the same time various options that make up the procedure involving the sale itself, such as: the same promotion, the timing or consequence of the televisita, the receipt of purchase orders or, claims or suggestions, attention to the consumer, coordination of operations or delivery, services of post sales orders to take into account the cordiality, serenity, clarity in the concepts and dialogue in the conversation are key points. If you want to customize the sale it is ideal to get well organized and useful interviews. Each contact provide and highlight the benefits obtained with our product or service in the conversation. Always remember that telemarketing is generally a pre-sales, as well as for traditional sale needed time here also, not rush the sale, both hurried as hint of forced, by phone is somewhat irritating. Always having an ACE up the sleeve in order to improve a price, condition, term or delivery time or something that brings some benefit extra customer. Finally: as communication is a question I leave a small phrase that I found from a book by Dr. Lair Ribeiro and have always present: the way of saying things is as important as what you want to communicate and the manner or mode in which you manifest it can change the meaning of words. Lots of luck! Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article

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