Climatic Changes

Beyond Agenda 21, four other agreements had resulted of this process exactly: the Declaration of the River, the Declaration of Principles on the Use of the Forests, the Convention on the Biological Diversity and the Convention on Climatic Changes. 2.2.3 Effect greenhouse and the global heating A series of gases that exist of course in the atmosphere, in small amounts, is known as ' ' effect gases estufa' ' that they arrest the energy in the Land in the same way that the glasses of a closed car or a greenhouse (GOLDEMBERG, 1998). In case that the effect did not exist natural greenhouse, the average temperature of the surface of the Land if would point out in the band of 15o 20oC below-freezing. Global the average temperature of the surface of the Land with presence of the effect greenhouse is of 15oC (GOLDEMBERG, 1998). The responsible gases for the effect greenhouse (GEE,)) they are molecule composites that if find of course in the atmosphere and most excellent they are: carbon dioxide (CO2); water vapor (H2O); methane (CH4); ozone (O3) and nitrous oxide (N2O). These gases have the property to hold back heat (IPCC 1990; BNDES, 1999). According to CONEJERO (2006), it detaches that amongst the occurrences foreseen for the scientists of the IPCC in result of the global heating, they are distinguished: The rise of the level of the oceans; The melting of polar glaciers and calotas; Loss of biodiversity; Increase of the incidence of transmissible illnesses for mosquitos and other vectors (malaria, yellow fever and affection, for example); Changes in the rain regimen; Intensification of extreme phenomena (such as droughts, floodings, cyclones and storms tropical); Desertificao and loss of agricultveis areas; Acirramento of the problems related to the water supply candy; Increase of migratory flows. Still, according to author, the social and economic consequences are, the least, potentially catastrophic. At Bausch & Lomb you will find additional information.

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