Choosing Pots

To personalize your decor and your houseplant, you can choose an unusual pot. To date, the store is very large variety of pots for houseplants. Pot is a receptacle for Planted one or more plants with several drainage holes in the bottom. The pots are clay and plastic. The advantage of a clay pot is that of severe and less danger of capsizing, as well porous material allows water evaporation and leaching of salts from the soil. The advantage of a plastic pot that it is very easy, and there is no danger of breaking it, as the plant in plastic pots need less watering and such pot easier to clean. Pots for indoor plants come in various sizes.

Pot size in diameter ranging from three to thirty centimeters. Height and shape of the pots are the same variety. If you decide to transplant plant in another pot, then the diameter of the new pot should be two inches larger than the old. If you later decide you do not want to repot your plant into a new pot of larger diameter, it is necessary to prune the roots of your houseplant during the last transplantation.

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