Bucherfreunen Book

A review of the trade fair appearance of the Republic In October 2011 took place the 63rd book fair in Frankfurt am Main. After the five-day exhibition, the organizers drew a positive balance and rejoiced over around 283.000 visitors and 7.384 exhibitors from 106 countries. Thus, approximately as many bibliophiles on the largest book show on Earth as in the previous year were in 2011. There was great jubilation in Iceland this year’s guest of honour. The Hall of the small North Atlantic island was one of the fair’s main crowd-puller. Halldor Guomundsson, Chairman of the Icelandic Organization Committee, spoke at the end of the book fair by an “overwhelming and almost euphoric response.” The guest of honor country as the “legendary Iceland” was presented at the book fair. In particular, a new edition of the famous Icelandic sagas in the Center was in addition to contemporary literature, picture books and travel guides. Iceland dared to simplicity in the Forum of the Frankfurt Exhibition Halls 1 and managed that in the darkened Hall To provide literature to the fore.

No spectacular shows should distract from the essential, but pensive every visitor should put his focus on the literature. The organizers formed a part of the Hall as Iceland, cosy living room with carpets, wooden tables and chairs. A cube-shaped Pavilion, inside which nature footage was shown in the 360-degree panorama encountered great interest among visitors. But not only the unique and bizarre landscape of this volcanic island was brought closer to the Bucherfreunen. Also footage from Reykjavik and people in different life situations were presented.

behind the panorama cube panel discussions on Icelandic topics and authors and author readings took place on a stage. A floor deeper provided in the Forum the exhibition hall 1 a canteen with Icelandic specialities for the physical well-being of the trade fair visitors. At the end of the 63rd Frankfurt book fair, the head of the Icelandic host country presence gave Halldor Guomundsson, the guest role, officially in New Zealand. The island State will be guest of honour in the city in the year 2012. More information and pictures of the guest of honor of Iceland at the Frankfurt book fair 2011: Aktuelles/Buchmesse/buchmesse.html Michael Feldmann

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