Brazilian State

Thus being, typical plates form being instituted in each part of the state in accordance with the ingredients found with more easiness and also respecting the alimentary necessities and the different palates of each locality. To follow, some typical plates of the state. NUT The nut is a seed that if form inside of one pinha, that in the time if it opens and it liberates the nut. It has a peculiar taste and therefore very it is appreciated in the south region of Brazil. She is one of the typical foods of the state, it can be prepared baked or cooked. Some parties exist in the state, being nut one of the symbols of the state, gain diverse forms of being prepared: soups, candies and other iguarias. ' ' The aboriginal servants had improved apaokas of nut (of pillar, to apaocar in the pylon) and had added to leftovers of baked meats and dry fish to the same ones.

The flour of beiju served to relieve the plate. When used, she was led to the assadeira to absorb the residues of the meat that are baked and in this way the flour, beyond humid, was tempering. Only to the being taken for the table, she was mixed to the nut, worn out or entire so only decorating the main plate of carne' '. (MENEZES, 2008. P.

31) BARREADO Brazil is a country of cultures and you influence diverse. Amongst the same ones the alimentary culture can be detached, inherited of the primrdios, of the customs brought for as many etnias that they had participated of the construction of the Brazilian culture, with strong emphasis in the settling. A rich culinria was constructed from the influences, being adapted only some ingredients proceeding from each region variations of temperos, in accordance with the climatic situation of each locality.

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