Brazilian Company

When very next to the expiration and being the option much OTM the VE tends to be null and the valuation or depreciation of the option folloies of close the one it active object 2,6 Factors to consider when of the launching of an option When we launch a purchase option, we commit ourselves, contractually, in case that let us be assigned for the exercise of that option, to deliver the active object by means of the act of receiving of the agreed to price when of the launching of the option. For this, it is demanded of the thrower who keeps in safekeeping, next to Brazilian Company of Liquidation and Safekeeping, CBLC, the action corresponding object the launched option, in the case of the sales covered and deposit of edge demanded for the CBLC in the case of the discovered sales. In the same way, when we launch a sales option, we are in compromising to buy that action for the agreed to price, in case that let us be called to this and for such, we are obliged to deposit guarantees in the CBLC. This deposit is the call guarantee edge. As much in the launching of discovered option of purchase, how much in the launching of sales option, we could be called to supply guarantees you add, the criterion of the CBLC the guarantees is deposited in the CBLC for intermediary of the brokers and these request of the applicators. When to be about covered sales the guarantee is made depositing as many actions object, how many they will be the vendidas options. This type of guarantee could be substituted, since that it has an authorization of the CBLC. The substitution could be made by deposit of edge in money or any accepted asset for the CBLC as federal public headings or private, certifyd of gold, constant actions of the accepted relation for the CBLC and even though for letter guarantee it would bank incondicionada.

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