Brazilian Banks

Since the beginning of the crisis the Brazilian if accustomed to follow indices and to understand what they mean. All the month, such which the end of the Big Brother, we are worried about the spreading of the last IPCA, the data of the CAGED of formal vacant opening or even though of the last number of the unemployment in the regions metropolitans. But it has a pointer that by its impact in the financial system, the retail and the industry it must be folloied with redoubled care: the insolvency. As data divulged for the Central banking in the March end had a considerable deterioration of wallets of credit of the banking system in last the five months. Of September, beginning of global the financial crisis, the February, all the main pointers of insolvency of the banking loans had gotten worse. The tax of insolvency on the credit total, also the directed one, increased of 2,8% in September for 3,4% of the addition of wallets in February. The credits with 90 days of delay of the companies had more than grown of 1,6% for 2,3%, and the people physics, of 7,3% for 8,3% in the same period. The banks, in February, had even made provision (of R$ 3,47 billion) for customers of rating AA the C, low risk.

The provisionses to cover losses in operations of credit had had growth of 16,9% of January for February, that is, a reinforcement of R$ 11,428 billion in its rockings. At the same time, the banks had lowered the classification of risk of excellent part of its wallets of credit. The increase of the provisionses was more intense in the private institutions (of 28,8%) of what in the public banks (10.4%) and in the foreigners (3%). The provisionamento in general, however, is above of the minimum demanded for the BC, what it portraies a great perception of risk for the institutions.

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