Brazil Man

It continued walking with difficulty and when arriving at the hut recost remaining slept. It was a long sleepy; he dreamed that he enters more dreamed more aged and weaker was put and that of their death body other beings projected. It woke up very behind schedule on the following day and it wanted to rise but the pain prevented it. Then the knee was watched and noticed that it had fan and is transparent. It seemed to him that something in its interior moved; to to approach plus the eyes saw with surprise, back in the bottom, two very small beings who worked and he was put to observe them. The figures were of a man and a woman, the man tempered an arc and the woman wove a small boat. Yuche asked to them: Who are you? How they arrived there? the beings raised the head watched, it but they did not say anything, continued working. When not obtaining answer it delivered a maximum attack to put themselves standing up, but earth key.

When striking itself the knee against the ground, left both small beings there who began to grow while he died. The first Ticunas remained a time there, where they had many children and later they left because they wanted to know more earth. Many Ticunas has looked for that place but it has found no it. Some say that it is in Brazil, in a gorge that ends at the Yavar river. The Great Water tree (story of Wilson Branches) This is the history of the principle of the world, when the creation was incomplete, when there was no water, neither light, nor man so that it took care of at least of the things of the world. They were only the Earth, the sky, some animal and fruits to know.

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