Bedoyere Quentin

However, the delegation offers many practical difficulties even to those who are absolutely convinced of its necessity. Basically it is the fear of losing control. As theBedoyere Quentin says: “The patterns stored concerning the loss of control and the preference that people have their own ideas thrillingly makes difficult the delegation. It is hard to distinguish this from a wise caution. Bad past experience and higher pressures may contribute to this reluctance. But semidelegacion solution, in which the delegator retains control is the worst of two possible solutions. “It gives us some concrete ideas that help to delegate successfully: 1) Be clear what the task : Often the failures in the work of delegation shall originate in the delegator, not sure what you want to delegate.

Writing helps us to identify gaps or ambiguities that has our understanding of the problem. When delegating task, we run for ourselves to discovering and resolving these differences. In order to delegate the task, we have it very clear. 2) to give very clear and specific: It is necessary to delegate a task that the person who receives be informed of everything that is expected of her, and that the explanation is appropriate to their level of understanding and experience. These guidelines should include clear objectives to achieve execution times, have the resources, etc. 3) Choose the right person: The efficiency is obtained when the capacity of the person is adequate but not overabundant. If the president sends a manager to buy candy for their personal use, or instructs the cadet draw plans of an electronic circuit, you’re choosing people who are not suited for that task.

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