Battery Care

Most of us have to deal with batteries and chargers, almost daily. Mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, laptops – this technique is mostly powered by batteries. Many people ask how to, having bought a new battery, its charge-discharge? Let's look at some of the important conditions for a prolonged "life" of your battery. Most often, the battery (battery battery) comes from the factory in a discharged state, or has a "residual" production charge. Because before you use a lithium battery, it is recommended to do 3-4 cycles "charge-discharge, so that the battery gained capacity, or as is called, "disperse" the battery. If your battery is Li-Ion (it must be stated), then try to "accelerate" it at least 1 time per month to reach its maximum capacity and longevity Your battery. If you do not use the technique in which the battery is installed, more than 1 month, we recommend removing the battery and put in a clean, dry place.

Just remember that a charged battery slowly loses its charge. After long-term storage should be charged before using it again. Our advice: do not be guided by the description of battery capacity in hours or minutes. Nobody will tell you exactly how long will work or that the battery, because it depends on several parameters: screen brightness, CPU utilization, using the optical approximation and other factors that can accelerate battery discharge. And end a few words about the batteries: the battery is very hot while charging – this is normal (during the first charging, the charger can show that the battery charge for a 10-15 minutes, then nothing serious, just remove the battery and then put in charge) Do not short circuit, it can spoil and battery, and your technique. Do not drop or scratch your battery. This can lead to damage and corrosion of high-tech chips Keep the battery pack from falling on him Moisture Do not use the battery near the fire and did not attempt to open it. This explosive Here, perhaps, that's all. Long life to your battery! Buy a battery, battery, battery to the camera, battery for camcorder battery is new, how to overclock battery

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