To begin with are not so young: some carry more than one decade practicing a playful and systematic vandalism. I am thinking that amalgam of people anti-establishment, anarchists, squatters, anti-fascists, radical independentists, to exercise violence the same gives them the strike on Wednesday as a triumph of the boat or the eviction of a house occupied illegally. They live in a parallel society, without work or expectations, in a present continuous of marginalization, frustration and anger against the established order. They are the result of that 40 percent of youth unemployment in Spain twice that in Europe that has no path forward for many years. In Barcelona they emerge rather than in other payments given the cosmopolitan nature border of the city and by the neglect of more dedicated to task identity that authorities give hope to a lost generation.

No one has wasted a second of your time with these young people: trade unions because, of course, are not workers; politicians because already use their budgets in hiring advisers, financing partnerships to which more Pilgrim and spread to several proteges. You know that only to the Shanghai expo have traveled with charge to our tax hundreds of public officials, directors, journalists and other guests amounting to millions of euros? Given all this, the so-called labor reform has been timid. Ignoring stubbornly reality only going to achieve that is perpetuating the problems and that increasingly more young people arrive prematurely old, wasting his life in a forced leisure and a growing violence.

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