Barcelona World Race

All my friends have the need to rent a sailboat and enjoy offshore until the pitiusas, but nearly everyone will have the dreaded: stage fright, fear of the beginner, the responsibility of being believed to be trained, but mentally think that doing 120 miles without having total control is quite irresponsible and risky. It will be the wonderful trip? or all the problems of the world, arise me do chorraditas? or things serious. I think that will be better to come with you a person that you trust, a person has experience and prevents one greater problem. The pattern is going to minimize all those things. Only start the first appear questions; As it will be the time?, maps give good forecast, but I hesitate to leave us, go up to the Balearic implies need port where to take shelter.

An experience of the weather and its possibilities are welcome. Then come a few questions more; How navigating at night, or we go out during the day?, will I know to react in a problem?, I know recognize the lights of merchant?, do radar?, do and that how it works?, is that I never use it. Once in close ground us cuestionaremos if we can dominate the anchor, I read in internet that do it correctly isn’t reach and succeed, that buoys can I use and which do not owe, and that berth?, that channel use to call the port?, someone knows not established rules for the ideal navigator? at the end came to the conclusion that as much as one approve the PERPattern of yacht or even the captain’s yacht is not much for our crew. My acquaintances always understand that once finalized the practices they would rather to navigate without being nervous, to achieve it is obligatory to have experience. And I wonder?, it’s not much better to rent a sailboat with pattern to help and guide in the inaugural cruise?, today, modern standards prevents using the head with intelligence, always imagined it all at the moment.

Do not think of you who browse without experience carries some risk with human consequences?. Be with a pattern is not wasting time, at least I do not conceive so, importantly, sailing with someone with experience on your side. It is interrogating and achieve conclusions when you put it into practice. It is wanting it, you try it with the watchful eye of someone experienced is a great help. Pattern is the way most adequate and certainly the most logical to learn to sail. Eduardo arrival of the Barcelona World Race Between the sea and the sky two years of blog and recycled candle laptop sleeve Between Eastern year could change the pattern of development of Apple, delay

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