About the Idea If we had all these bands cultural and personal in the eyes, we could probably operate much closer to the naturalness of a child, and we would like the baby in contact with the natural laws. But this basic clarity that the wisest of mankind has shown since the beginning of time (see for example the teachings of the Tao Te Ching) have been censored at the expense of individual growth. The Secret Power of Thought What many call the attraction therapy, which is a huge success worldwide, which emerges in part of this movie we just saw, is simply the systematic support (coaching) aimed to a person becomes aware of their power to attract to itself anything through the use of his thought. Daniel Gilbert often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A friend of mine told me the other day that had left his car and when I was half way, he realized that he had brought no driver's license … a little farther down the road, he saw a mobile police stopping vehicles at random … my friend started to get tense, "I do not stop" I thought, again and again. I was looking nonchalant and calm, but obviously, the police arrested him, and … as is customary in my home country, could go home leaving a few bills! (Laughs), not now, really … I'm sure you all know the feeling, sure you'll ever happened, right? When you think "that does not stop me, I do not stop" but somewhere you know it's just for that line of thinking that you will be caught.

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