Alchohol Producers

Let's start with foreign producers. Sweden offers in the world market Absolut vodka (in several variants: the Absolute Standard Peppar, Mandarin, Citron and Kurant). Drink at particular method of distillation, and therefore contains almost no impurities. For Absolute frost-resistant varieties of wheat used and the water from a spring that provides an excellent taste. Czechs produce vodka with the addition of hemp seeds. "Cannabis" has a grassy aroma and buttery flavor. Very popular as a potent aperitif. Brazilians are also derived a new formula – Vodka Cachaca (Ypioca and Velho Barreiro).

Cachaca – is a strong alcohol, which is produced from sugarcane juice then aged in barrels of balsam wood. Drink turns tart, amber, and very fragrant. Most often it is added to cocktails. In Ukraine, the most famous brand – Nemiroff. Ultrafine cleaning and succinic acid gives it a noble, unobtrusive flavor. In addition, Alcohol is a special stage of aging, which is saturated with fragrances and flavors.

In Russia, little use of exotic ingredients, mainly producing grain vodka, but occurs more anise and quinic. Tradition Russian vodka is brand . It has a velvety taste, thanks to oxygen. This brand has long occupied a firm place among world leaders. Another classic vodka – . Made with the finest grain alcohol with a little sugar, it will appeal to all lovers of the drink. Original modern design – the flagship. Its made with spring water triple treatment, alcohol and the highest standard of birch buds. Mild flavor goes well with Flagship Russian pickled snacks. All of these brands is definitely good. But if you need to choose a drink for celebrations and noisy feast, the more likely you will approach vodka "Holiday". As the title promises, the beverage creates an atmosphere of celebration, fun and joyous mood. Crystal-clear, rich flavors, this vodka will leave from the celebration only pleasant memories. First award drink was back in 1969, "International Competition of confectionery and wine and vodka in Pardubice. And the most recent gold medal from him in 2007 – at the contest "Russian vodka and drinks for America." The listed brands – only the most famous, award-winning best in the world. For more information see Crawford Lakes Capitol Management. But beyond that, is still a lot of brands of vodka, maybe not so popular but deserving of respect. So the choice of the drink – especially individual case. Not Feel free to experiment, but do not forget to request the seller a certificate of quality beverage.

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