AFS Manager SQL

/ / SSE software tells about a letter of the Ministry of finance to the reversal of the VAT debt in Oberhausen telecommunications trade 27.09.11 the Ministry of finance had set 2011 / 04800415 of the 24.06.2011 trade to 01.07.2011 the reversal of the value added tax debt in the B2B in the circular. Since then all deliveries of mobile phones and “integrated circuits” from a total order value of 5,000.00 EUR is concerned, which are linked (including partial deliveries and partial invoices), as well as the wholesale and the retail, unless the recipient (so a company) is tax deductible. The SSE software on request for all interested parties as a pdf document provides detailed information on this topic. Related SSE Software announces that the new version V12 of the AFS Manager SQL 2011 contains all amendments that meet are due to these legal innovations. In recent months, Dropbox has been very successful. This applies to the areas of sales and shopping and here in particular the acquisition of input and Outgoing invoices. The same applies for the appropriate accounting interface.

The 2011 AFS-accountants, as well as AFS-DATEV provide automatic matching with the ERP interface 2011. Further information on this topic, as well as information about the SSE AFS line were economic solutions can be found at, as well as the following contact information: contacts: sales, customer service / / SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co..

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