Your Saint

Solution spiritual of Jesus: 1) he asked for what the disciples had of food: They bring them for me. (the concrete one, the facts, the evidences) 2) Jesus seated that multitude (Jesus always takes for itself the facts, what he is concrete, evidences.) 3) Jesus raised the eyes for skies (he all searched with its heart the God) 4) Jesus blesses the facts, evidences, It you are welcome does not complain (we also do not have to complain, let us bless, with sincerity the situation) 5) Jesus has broken breads (Jesus knocks down the facts and enters with Spirit in cerne of the question) 6) Jesus gave to eat to all those 5,000 men, women and children and still sobrou very! PRACTICAL SUMMARY OF THIS WORD The impatience, the fear and the temptation banish the Word from God and God does not coexist this! Clame to trust the God to who you serve, perseverante, firm, constant and persistent, she has not accepted badly plus none! ' ' Jesus said to it: Woman, that I with you have? Not yet hora.&#039 is arrived mine; ' Joo 2:4 A clear difference exists between what it serves the God and what does not serve It! The first one it all removes the slip that could hinder the action of God in its life. In a question-answer forum MSCO was the first to reply. Sir, discloses to Your Saint difference in our lives! ' ' You it is good, it he serves of ortaleza in the day of the anguish, and knows the ones that trust it. ' ' Naum 1:7 It trusts and glad Mr., honoring-And glorifying-THe. Mark Stevens has similar goals. ' ' was widower, of almost eighty and four years, and it did not move away from the temple, serving the God in jejuns and conjuncts, of night and dia.' ' Lucas 2:37 If it does not move away from the Word of God, exactly that you already are you avanadoem age. .

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