Wii Edition World Record

19 players qualify for entry in the Guinness book which records now is it officially: last Saturday, March 21, 2009, a new world record was set in the gaming halls of Videogameszone.de, Computec Media Portal for video games. The 19-year old Robert Brandl played the action-adventure game Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition on its Wii console in less than two hours through completely accurately in one hour, 42 minutes and 27 seconds. Thus a new world record was set with Computec and Robert Brandl therefore qualifies for an entry in the Guinness Book of world records. The first game of resident evil “series was in 1996 in the trade. Since then, the series has all the games are reached for players 18 years and older cult status with the gamers. The world record last Saturday it was a single-segment Speedrun, with the game in a single pass without pause or caching was played. Robert Brandl used unlockable bonus items and on top of that so-called glitches that are minor errors or weaknesses in the game. This succeeded, for example, to skip a game section.

The mastery of such techniques in the Speedrun scene belongs to the normal tools of the trade. During the record attempt, two experts of Nintendo-E-sports scene as witnesses were present in addition to the professional editors of Computec Media AG: Marvin Hoffmann (clan players in Mario Kart Wii,”) and mark Schmidt (best German Mario Kart Wii”player according to time-trial ranking list). The specialists of video game zone, N-ZONE and Wii players looked after the gaming record for Computec media. Robert Brandl, world record holder: To be honest, I could have been faster quiet even a minute or two. It was partly that I was a bit unlucky and some opponents have made me unhappy. I made some errors, because I was under a lot of pressure. I managed about some abbreviations not on right off the bat. In the end, it’s a good time, and I have reached my goal.

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