White Symbol

The whole world around us is decorated by a different color. In nature, there are a myriad of colors: dark and light, bright and dull. But few people think about the meaning of color. For example the red color ascribed healing properties and ability to withstand the evil eye and witchcraft. Red – the color of passion, blood and danger, causes irritation. His most preferred by people with leadership qualities. Black – the color of misery, grief, mourning, loss gibili. And an African tribe woman with very black skin are valued as a mistress, but not as a wife.

White symbolizes purity, innocence, goodness and joy. Ever since antiquity, this color means striving the spiritual simplicity and otreschennost from the mundane. And here in China and some other Asian and African white – the color of mourning. Blue color – the color of sky and sea. In many cultures it symbolizes heaven and eternity. Blue – the color fidelity, kindness, and constancy. This color is close to black, and therefore receives a similar symbolic value to him. Green – the color of grass and leaves.

Calming effect. Green Iranians have been associated with rapid growth, freshness, sadness and sorrow. Fans of this color – the people covert, persistent and stubborn. Each color has its significance and characteristics.

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