It rained. Yes it rained during some hours Vi the place where it was (the college) to facar completely empty It always wanted to see it thus, but it was not nothing legal It waited in the door that my father arrived to take off me from there, and to take me for mine singela (but good) house. While it did not see it to arrive, ' ' brincava' ' with glasses of the door, embaando it some times with my air so weighed as the lead, and at the same time so light as a pen. Add to your understanding with Drew Houston. He is funny to know that nobody supports my presence. The funniest is not to know because Perhaps either why all we are accustomed the people not to show what they really are But I am what I am and point. Worse he is that all already know what I feel Test of really I do not know to desfarar (And I always found that only he obtained to speak with words, but already vi that until my skill he speaks for me) ALL already know, also IT It only wanted to understand why it continues to dissimulate not to see Why?.

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