The world’s most successful graphics program for the visualization of material and energy flows and cost streams. Hamburg speed depends now more than ever competition. Successful companies rely on powerful tools that enable them to make the right decisions quickly. With the new version of e!Sankey 3.0, the world’s most successful graphics application for the visualization of material and energy flows and cost flows, will decide even faster and above all easier than ever. Already in the development phase of e!Especially the users at the Center stand Sankey 3.0.

With the further improvement of usability, working with the software is even more comfortable and intuitive. At the same time, just the various drawing functions offer a company-specific illustration of material and energy flows and cost streams (Sankey diagrams). The new version now also simultaneously select and edit multiple graphical elements is possible. This so-called multimedia editing increases not only the User satisfaction, but leads to a much more productive use of work time. The created diagrams can be exported in the new version with different image quality, depending on the needs, whether they are intended for viewing, the integration into presentations or for printing. Simplicity while securing the individuality, that is the secret of success of e!Sankey.

This success is also shown in numbers. So the software is used in more than 60 countries in diverse industries. With the new functionality is a great likelihood is that more countries are added. Interested companies can convince yourself of the efficiency of the software free of charge and for 30 days. A trial version is available at for download.

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