Vision Villager

3 of the 4 candidates for President and Vice President of USA are national senators, instead only Sarah Palin has made politics in Alaska, the older, less dense and more secluded of all States (is closer to Russia and North Pole than in the rest of the country). Palin has lived almost all his life, like most of the alasquenos in a village only connected to other States via air. Alaska has 1.7 million km 2 (territory equal to the sum of half of the smaller States). Alaska has many hydrocarbons, minerals and forests, which she seeks to exploit to the maximum to make U.S. oil self-sufficiency, although its natural reserves are violated.

She denies that polar bears are threatened or that global warming is human work. It is the typical provincial conservative who believes that every abortion is a crime, but he wants more war in Iraq and there are fewer restrictions on the personal use of rifles. David Karp: the source for more info. Calls for less Government and taxes but more military spending. Original author and source of the article..

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