Viable Development

East introduction test tries to be a dissertation on the paper of social sciences in the viable development. It initiates with a brief description of the characteristics of the man and its capacity to modify his surroundings. What it takes to a mention on the more important technological advances of the last years, emphasizing the positive aspects to us that these progresses have meant for the society, but stressing the negative points that the human being has caused in the inertia of his development. More ahead we defined the concept of viable development and the aspects that consider, finally to end at the importance of social sciences in this concept. The human being, is without a doubt, one of the most impressive species on this planet. We own sinfn of amazing particularitities: the intellectual level that we have reached, the capacity to communicate and the creation of the language, sensitivity by the arts, the establishment to us of systems morals, between many others.

The man is able to be author of the greatest samples of I devise, .reason, sensitivity, solidarity and affection; nevertheless also of atrocious, beastly behaviors, self-centred and disinterested. Development Now, is very probable that the most representative characteristic of our species is the capacity that has the human being to modify its atmosphere and surroundings according to its needs. By all means, this has been possible thanks to the combination of its other potentialities, to the organization in society of the species, and to the ability to transfer and to inherit the knowledge and advances obtained to the following generations. As it is known well, this development has not been able to give in a short lapse, but only as a result of the evolution of the man and the civilization. But it would be necessary to ask to us, he is in truth the man master and gentleman of his surroundings and its destiny? The species is conscious of towards where goes the civilization? Which are the long term goals and objectives that must reach the humanity? The answer to these questions is clear, and it does not require long time of reflection stops to explain them. .

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