Universal Multisensor SVEA Combines Light Sensor

New multisensor LA-21 performs control of the level of illumination in the room and participates in the formation of control commands for building engineering systems. This sensor is designed not only to ensure a comfortable lighting, but and can be used in the systems access control and alarm systems. In this case, light sensor and motion passes through the built-LON-interface all data collected by the control unit directly through a network of LonWorks. Built-in LA-1921 light sensor continuously monitors the level of natural lighting in the room. In this case, the illumination is measured in the range of 10 to 1000 lux, and data are transmitted over LonWorks network to the device control lighting devices (dimmers, controllers, etc.) which, in turn, adjust the level of artificial lighting.

Thanks to the integrated passive infrared motion detector is LA-1921 is easily detect the appearance or movement of people in the area of detection. The work of this detector is based on the detection and measurement of thermal radiation from moving objects. Thanks to the division of the controlled area of 136 sectors shift in 544 segments, a light sensor provides high accuracy in the evaluation of light and motion detection. To remotely adjust LA-21 is used universal plug-LNS, running software LonMaker company Echelon. This is a graphical software application that is used to configure applications that are loaded into the memory probe. For the commissioning of the light sensor is on the case click Service Pin, with pressed which is to broadcast its Neuron ID on the LON network. Together with kontrollerorm DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) light sensor can provide control of fluorescent lights on the network LonWorks. In this case, the controller can be connect up to 64 lamps, and the entire system in the complex will provide a flexible lighting control via the dimmer.

Setting up a joint operation of the sensor and controller is also carried out using software LonMaker company Echelon. As most devices SVEA, a light sensor and motion LA-21 is equipped with LPT-transceiver and supports the transfer of power across the network LonWorks. This allows you to save time and money on cabling for building automation system. In the standard LA-21 is installed in the ceiling. For more information or to order Sensors Series LA-21 and other equipment SVEA LON via email or multi-channel telephone (495) 787-3337 for sales managers automation companies 'ARMO-Systems', which is the official Russian distributor of LON-devices company SVEA. The German company SVEA Building Control Systems is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of equipment for the LON network LonWorks distributed control and building automation. The company produces a full range of equipment for the creation of systems on the concept of 'intelligent building', including routers, power supplies, network interfaces, controllers, dimmers, control panels, climate, couplers, digital and analog inputs / outputs, ambient light sensors, presence detectors and other devices.

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