United States Secretary

The United States Secretary of Guerra had expressed to the President their fear that if regular air force bombing razed Japanese cities, just you would receive the huge effects of atomic weapons, which was what was displayed. He admitted later, in his memoirs, that no effort was made to achieve the surrender of Japan by other means, thus avoiding the use of weapons as brutal. Rather, quite the contrary: We searched the way these glitches better its lethality. For its part, the general who led the so-called project Maniatan, which developed nuclear weapons, had stated: never doubted that Russia was our enemy, and that the project had that purpose. If you would have told the truth, 1945 would have known that the new weapon produced few effects unknown, based on radioactivity, and that the Japanese people (so disparagingly referred to in the media American of inferior race) would be the victim which sought to intimidate and lower the fumes to the Muscovite dictator.

Stalin showed ensoberbecido by the indisputable success of his armies against Germany, but dead Roosevelt – that staff-joined him certain bonds of appreciation began to be seen in Washington as the most dangerous enemy of the immediate future. Political lies are often multiply in direct proportion to the gravity of the facts that attempt to disguise. When the international situation is complicated, they proliferate in such a way that it is very difficult to take the pulse of reality. There are lies that have already passed into history, as the imminent Communist revolution that was intended to justify the military rebellion of 1936 in Spain, from Hitler to invade Poland in 1939 or those of President Johnson in 1964 to start the war in Viet Nam. There are more recent lies to justify the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO in 1999 or the segregation of Kosovo, violating all international law.

Other lies tomorrow they will envelop the new conflicts where there are tensions unresolved, as it is happening today in the two Georgian regions whose peoples seek independence from the Government in Tbilisi. When the guns begin to talk, the first victim is always the truth. And this is perhaps the only truth, in a context in which lying is, itself, a valuable weapon of war. Alberto Piris General of artillery in the reserve original author and source of the article.

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