Tribe of Dreams

TRIBE OF THE DREAMS 17-18.11.09 They to leave want you wild They have envy of you They want to be you They do not know to be in you to see, They want more and plus you (IEIE IEIE) Why that she is thus, nobody likes me, many to only knock down wants wants me me she hurts. I know that I am quiet, also discrete I only have friends sincere. I am of the Tribe of the dreams, of the land without badly, where the life is equal does not exist well and badly All are so NATURAL. Because it cannot thus be: Right, Respect Consideration wanting or we are not all Brothers. All time that I raise, me astonishment for having left the Tribe where better I become fullfilled I have to coexist people being wanted to die, if to drug to assassinate everything of bad it carries through if hurting and wounding to all its return. I want that Tribe comes of dreams with me, change this reality showing to the truth, clareando the world to me creating dreams in the people. But it is not only enough to wait we have all to make, to make this world to grow, to know to live, with the differences without creating sentence. The differences are essential stop in them becoming Reals, Immortal 2x _2X Weverton Notrevew .

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