The Sky

It was looking at that vision magician, with the cloud if wasting in a thousand shining red lints. She heard somebody to say that they were delaying to remove it from there. To leave for where? A thicker voice asked for that the people opened way. What way? Now it felt cold and the voices in to its left it head confused. When it opened of new the eyes, saw a face it are of focus, good in its front, the clothes seemed half orange. He was a man and it spoke: – If it does not move. We go to take off it daqui. – But, and the sky and those building? It would not more go to see them? It was adoring that vision.

It tried to look at more beyond the person whom it insisted on speaking with it, because it was confusing the sky. It will be that it did not perceive this? why had that to leave where was? this made it to remember that it knew this place, the building, the envidraadas windows. It passed every day for that street when it went for the work in the center of the River. Yes, it was this! But, why it had stopped? Why it was alone looking at for the high one and seeing the top of the building and the sky becoming gloomy in such a way? Suddenly, it felt a sensation of movement, it balanced until a little. But, for where it was going? For the sky? E, then, felt a boost glide species entering in a quaint tunnel.

The sky and the building had disappeared. It was more clearly and half gray, and the sky turned a metallic, horrible image. What it could be? It listened to racket of doors being closed and a buzzer started to touch. The only thing that thought when felt plus a hard jolt, was they had taken off it the sky, the cloud, everything what it knew and it liked. They remained only the souvenirs of those images in its mind. It was in an gray place and alone what it had at the moment they were the eyes, that exactly without understanding everything they saw.

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