The Pension

The Bank shall package prints – quasi as a safety buffer – for the average expected income into account, to increase the security of repayment. In particular, these groups of people are therefore well advised to contact, because the conditions can be very different with the request to many different providers. Generally, groups with fluctuating income more equity or other securities should introduce, to increase the security of repayment. Singles and families with dependent employment depending on the age and marital status are among the largest field of private borrowers for real estate financing workers ‘-related’ employment. Here, the bank checks the individual assets and income with regard to Ability to repay debt. Securing the loan through mortgage registration is usually sufficient, regular salary payments can be detected.

This group attained the easiest access to the advertised conditions for real estate financing. However in the marital status and age differences – so the best offer of the Bank is palpable when bringing an additional income (E.g. spouse) or older borrowers (where usually more equity than with young prospects) often. However, singles or young couples with minimal or no equity capital maintained, mostly smaller premiums are included in the offer. Pensioners the ever growing group of retirees and pensioners has although a very secure and continuous income, but due to the remaining life expectancy often has difficulties to get even a suitable real estate financing. Just short terms run from the pension usually at extremely high rates, or pension cannot be challenged.

Here helps only a very high equity or deposit additional collateral, if necessary in the form of joint debtors, such as a biological child. Conclusion the appropriate real estate financing must be sought also according to the individual circumstances of the interested party. This play not only assets and income a role, but also social status and the nature of employment. Credit institutions before the commitment very carefully consider in what situation the applicant is. For every factor that leads to increase of a payment failure risk, premiums on the financing terms are due. Therefore the borrower should be before completing basic and best with the help of a professional advisor (E.g. financial advisors or in relevant Internet portals such as about its possibilities. More information real estate financing – differentiated groups real estate financing for young families – what should be taken into account?

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