The Objectives

That teachers are unhappy with the development of their academic activities. To sum up a bit, observe the process of the group, means this attentive to what happens in the Group, and try to understand it based on other indicators, which have been eased or become apparent by the same members of the group. (6) This principle is given or is true, when the group manages to establish a system of communication, fluid, free and spontaneous. This avoids the antagonisms, mating, polarizations and the formation of subgroups. Making decisions and solving problems and conflicts are made by mutual agreement between all members of the Group (consensus). On the other hand, friendly interpersonal relations, a warm weather a spirit of participation and cooperation, facilitate decision-making by consensus. (7) Formulation of objectives. The objectives of the Group settle and define as clearly as possible to achieve the smooth running and development of the Group’s life.

The objectives must respond to the needs of all members of group, and they must actively participate in their formulation. In this way, the will feel more United, more cohesive and work with greater energy and interest in achieving them. (8) Continuous evaluation: For the smooth running and development of the Group’s life, it is necessary that the group evaluated continuously if the objectives and interests of all its members, are being achieved as they have been. To do so, the same group implements the technique and procedures appropriate to each of the situations, subject to evaluation. In this sense, it is necessary to recall that, group advances to their targets at the speed of the slowest. 4.3 Properties of group dynamics this apart refers specifically to the characteristics and properties of the Group: groups are differentiated and characterized by a number of properties. So we have, much of them have: objectives, motivations, procedures, numbers of shares goals, degree of cohesion, communication system, duration in the time, types of leadership, strategies to make decisions, organizational structure, and one more feature set, which makes it differ and defer between if.

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