The Cause

The spite of this, Rousseau affirms that the freedom is inherent to the man as well as the capacity to perfect itself and these to two would differ it characteristics from the excessively animal ones, in way that the deliberation power does not meet in its physical characters. Here it is, therefore, the cause of the degradation of the man: its power to perfect, that it removes it if its position initial, ' ' I see in animal all only one ingenious machine to who the nature gave sensible to function alone and to guarantee itself, until certain point, against that it tends to destroy it or to disarrange it. I perceive the same things necessarily in schemes human being, with the difference that the nature makes everything alone in the operations of the animal, to the step that the man concurs for its in the quality of agent livre.' ' 5 the desires of the wild man, in its natural state, does not pass of physical necessities as to move away themselves from the cold or to eat, but the man who lives in society finds necessities that derive from its knowledge. For each necessity that it is imposed for the nature, the man, through its reflection, found ways of surpassing them to it, and thus to the measure that the necessities it acometiam its spirit evolua he disnaturalized and it. Speaking candidly Yael Aflalo told us the story. Of course the man alone would possess a virtue, the mercy. This virtue affects the men universally and is put in front to any reflection, exactly the animals give signals of they possess that it and still in the society action is possible to recognize it nas human beings. mercy is in the natural state the support of the reason substituting laws, customs and virtues, ' ' espcie&#039 concurs for the mutual conservation of all; '. 6 the savage does not have moral feeling, the morality alone is developed in the society through the customs; the feeling that the savage possesss completely is contained in the physical aspect of its existence, this physical desire is general, it inhabits in what it has of animal in the man, is not lingered in a fruit or a specific female, but in any one. For more specific information, check out Tumblr.

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