Southern Methodist University

A study shows that what (James Pennebaker, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, about the effect of diary writing), others have learned from my own experience: to confide in a diary, facilitates the internal handling of difficult, unpleasant, even traumatic. Write throws something, because when writing up, we enter into a dialogue with us. We give a thought, an experience, an experience of space and attention. And thus we redeem us a little of the inner pressure – with each writing small little more. Write free (almost) every morning I personally have the deep experience, me at the diary writing with myself to be able to connect.

I take me seriously, listen to me even pay attention to my feelings and let everything \”to speak\”, which logs in me. An intense encounter, which is good for me and stabilized me. That gives me confidence and direction for the day. In her diary, Anne Frank trust writes the following introductory sentences: \”I’ll, I hope all entrust can, how I have done it with anyone, and I hope you will me a great support.\” as individual people are, their diaries are so different. I actually prefer the word \”Notebook\”, because I write every day and I write no daily experiences.

I collect rather just my thoughts and ideas, to write affirmations and daily schedules, recall me what is important to me. In this way I Orient myself with the help of my records. Diary is a word that should reveal much about the content. What can I use a \”diary\”? It picks up thoughts – and all that his mag, what there is rumblings in us, screams, cries, or jumps, experiences and learning processes, flashbacks and visions, doubts and hopes, banal and significant. Everything is worth to be held when it is for the writer value.

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