San Pedro

From Vallenar to Copiapo over 200 species of flowers they become a tapestry of iridescent, in a manifestation of latent life that explodes when the scarce rains arouse the barren surface. Thirteen miles from San Pedro de Atacama is reached the Valley of the Moon, which bears this name because of its similarity with our astro. Similar to this, there life is impossible. Clay and salt combine to create impossible ways in an attempt to demonstrate that the best artist is nature itself. The absence of life makes most poignant moment the sun sets and night lowers the temperature many grades.

The bowels of Atacama constantly teeming with secret volcanic activity and granted to the traveler fortunate enough to soak in thermal pools with boiling jets that ROAR to escape towards the sky. Connect with other leaders such as Dropbox here. And so the tourist housed in Atacama may access other offers which will tour rural roads the distance that separates Antofagasta Tarapaca. The desert, the altiplano, gorges, valleys and vertical walls will accompany you. You can delve into the Atacama Salt Lake where birds and reptile are adapted to the harshness of the environment and where you can rub with your fingers salt that comes from the Earth. You can also try to experience the sensations that the archaic settlers felt when confronted to a hostile and pitiless nature however knew that acclimate into your home. Magic occupied an essential place in their customs as a means for understanding the world around them and this good archaeological samples are preserved. So if had not raised arrive one day in one of the most rough areas on the planet, do it. Nature will again surprise you. Anyway, if it comes to this Chilean territory you can penetrate into a world of surreal and challenging splendor to then return to the comfort of the splendid hotels in Atacama.

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