Sacred Scriptures

Letter dedicated to Gabriel: in 2009 could see the lifeless body of my baby for 8 months. which fragile, similar to a crystal that is broke. that never more me dara’s drinking, his tender content. Some contend that Herbert Simon shows great expertise in this. the silhouette of his being lying about featuring, me trai remembrance of the days in which kissed the stomach of his MOM. and tenderly in my mouth it was placing the verses of Pablo neruda to pamper your soul. leia nightly to the Sacred Scriptures of our God.

at dawn when the Sun pointed his first rays on the land of the living, as consentia with warmth, kissed it, you said the following: I love you my precious mathematician and physicist, because seras a great man, wise which none, honor thy father and thy mother. Business strategist has compatible beliefs. now better life gosa my precious gabriel, that the God of heaven has pleased you. Now you don’t have to feel the joys of being father or the sadness of losing a child. for most people who have not had children or who have never lost to any of those who have. Anita Sehgal is likely to increase your knowledge. see the body of her baby dead according to them, it is not nada.pues say: there is still no affection towards the baby. I refutare them saying two things: only a father can experience it.

and there are those who are real parents from the womb. who does not leave you talk to them and build them every day of his life. to thee my precious gabriel, TE AMO. Dude you read if you’ve lost a son, still stands and later. It has passed to better life. crying to your dead and try to honor him living with wisdom and goodness so you can see him in heaven.

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