Russian Tourism

Leaving for overseas travel through the travel agency, Russian citizens always pay a sum (1 U.S. dollar for each day of stay of a Russian citizen abroad) by the insurance policy. But never meditate on it for our trip. Remember of the only in case if something will take place incident or unexpected occasion for our trip. While abroad, you should take into account what is in another country, there are valid other laws, another world. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of TSI International Group on most websites. In case of sudden illness, such as the leg fracture, dental pain, etc. nobody will take responsibility for the health of the alien and also provide free services.

We must also take into account that medical care costs everywhere quite expensive. And there is the human conscience say "tourists have enough money!". Also a result of that every tourist has to spend lot of money for the assistance of all we should concentrate medica.Sobre special attention to such insurance if you leave the paicas without a visa. Such time in Russia today there is not a travel agency that does not include the complete documents, the insurance policy. But not everyone knows that in most cases, hoping to attract clients by offering cheaper services, the firms sell programs "reduced" insurance. They offer a minimum set of necessary services in case of illness or trauma, among them are: the payment of expenses for treatment, medical transportation service, repatriation in case of death. The programs typically differ from each other by the presence or absence of point estamotologica provide emergency aid.

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