Primers Amplifications Reactions

The known technique as SPAR (Single Primers Amplifications Reactions) generates effective molecular markers in plants and animals (GUPTA et al., 1994). The amplification is carried through way PCR (Polymorfism Chain Reaction) and the peculiarity of the technique is the job of an only one to primer with the repetitive sequence that intercalates two blocks of microssatlites. For the application of technique SPAR it does not have necessity of construction of the total or partial genmica library of the interest organism and the seqenciamento of many segments for posterior election. Primers has ample reach and is immediately applicable, in principle, to any organism. This technique presents comparative advantage when to the RAPD, therefore it generates greater reprodutibilidade, due to the use of primers longer than of RAPD, which allows the use of bigger temperatures of anelamento and, therefore bigger estrigncia (REDDY et al., 2002) .MATERIAIS and MTODOSForam collected young leves of 25 specimens, forming two groups differentiated for the form and size of the fruit. After the collection, the samples immediately had been congealed in liquid nitrogen and storaged in the laboratory in freezer -70, remaining frozen until the processing. The extration of DNA was effected with methodology based on phenol/chloroform.

After the ending of the Extration, became fullfilled it quantification of DNA in each sample to evaluate the present concentration of DNA. For this one used three weights (20ng, 50ng and 100ng respectively), proceeding from DNA of fago l, which possesss known concentration. With this it was possible I break up to compare it of DNA of the samples I break up with it of fago l and to infer the present concentration of DNA in each sample, by means of eletrofoese in gel of agarose 0.8%. Primers of kits OPA, OPW and OPX and the microssatlites, had been tested for the election of the oligonucleotdeos and used molecular markers in this work. .

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