PMO Version

Now, there is an open source software solution that provides an overview of the entire Prjektlandschaft of undertaking the project management office (PMO). In January a project was launched with the aim of a freely available version of the PMO by project-open to develop. A XING Group (pmo-community) have found themselves together people interested in project management and PMO, is exchanged with each other and discussed. In this way the ideas, knowledge and experience have been incorporated as many in the development. Change management has been identified as a first important component and in the spirit of Scrum, requirements for the software could are collected with the help of user stories. The Scrum methodology is a technique to help reduce the complexity of project work and the self-organization of the team members is encouraged.

The development is carried out in two-to four-week intervals, the functionality described by the users independently implemented where the team. Pretty soon has become turned out that the issue of resource planning has a high priority in the discussions about the tasks of a PMOs. For this reason, the theme of planning was finally placed at the heart. The special feature of the special version of the PMO is that she not only is suitable to manage several projects at the same time, but also a cross-project resource planning allows. The utilization and capacity of all teams can be viewed at a glance. Thus can be chosen between various graphical overviews. The capacity comparisons across all projects, or about all qualification profiles (or departments), it can be seen throughout.

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