Playing Football

TANIA COSTA 20 minutes begins a series of reports dedicated to the 9 who died on May 11 at Lorca, after the second quake of the day. Raul Guerrero Molina, 13 years. Student of 2nd ESO of IES San Juan Bosco. Raul and his dog died after the second earthquake suffered by Lorca. Raul, not so silent was silence. He spoke little, but was left to hear kisses. For more specific information, check out Dropbox. And that loved his mother Sonia and her cousins. What sort of child so besucon. Theirs were not parties. With 12-13 years, what he liked was to go with friends for a few pizzas. Or lower to play football. In the Institute passed unnoticed. On the pitch, not. It was that got goals. And that they were celebrating. July 11, 2010 a career stuck with the kids in the neighborhood La Vina to square the oval of Lorca, at the other end of the city. ore knowledge.. It came in five minutes. So 12 years old kids can stick a career only. And then a dip in the fountain to celebrate the blessed Iniesta goal we became world champions. A. Raul would have liked to see pass the bus for Real Madrid, with their idols of selection, Xavi Alonso and Casillas, in the window. They spent just in front of the door of the bar La Vina, the maternal grandfather of Raul runs. The old man is called Gines, but tell him the uncle of pure and carries this bar since the memory of their neighbors there. Nobody dares to say since when is this bar in that first corner of La Vina. What everyone in the neighborhood knows is that in the bar door Raul died last week and why have been forces to raise the shade and serve tapas and meals to carry anyone in the family. After the second earthquake that shook Lorca last Wednesday, Raul came out of the bar. He wore his dog in her arms. And there the two, the child and the dog died. Both Raul wanted his dog that had put a photo of your pet on your Tuenti profile. There it remains, forbidden to attackers. Raul had caught the sleeping dog and liked the tranquility with which rested as a taste. He liked that picture. His mother, Sonia, is shattered. He was working at the bar and left behind his son. He saw him fall to the ground. Paternal grandfather gave a heart attack upon hearing of the death of his grandson. Friends of Raul still not assimilated it. To see who gets the goals now. Back to normal the Institute where he studied Raul and his sister, the San Juan Bosco de La Vina, does not begin classes until Monday. This past Wednesday was closed to cal y canto, with a sign that forbade enter. They are fixing parts of the roof that suffered damage caused by the earthquake to prevent landslides. Raul, second ESO, group will have special psychological attention. All are eager to return to classes to regain normalcy, somehow. Source of the news: “It was that got goals while he was playing football”

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