Piatigorsky Park

Leytsinger also proposed to plant trees, hot mountain, make a park here with the various pavilions. So, the old Emanuelevsky Garden has teamed up with 'flower garden' in one resort – the park area. Vacationers and residents City received a great place for walks. Now this mountain park like an easy air of China pavilion. Reborn in a new form several decades ago, it was erected on a stone plinth that, original, conceived Leytsingerom. Has contributed R. Rudolph, and the development of theatrical life. By the end of the xix century Piatigorsky touring theater is so dilapidated that it was impossible to put any or staging.

Leytsinger gave just built a house on the street under Teplosernoy winter theater. Rudolph R., also organized a tour desk, student hostel, track racing and masquerades. All struck his inexhaustible ebullient activities. But there was one thing that has become central to the life of Rudolf Rudolfovich and identified for decades as a center for the development of Pyatigorsk tourism and mountaineering in the Caucasian Mineral Waters. As a true Swiss, Leytsinger passion for the mountains.

Maybe because he was born one of the most ambitious of his projects – laying footpaths with four mountain huts, where they were supposed to be equipped with weather stations on the western top of Elbrus. The draft was sent to all the scientific societies who might be interested and help equipment and money. Arriving in Pyatigorsk, he could not imagine this city without the tourist paths and walking trails around laccoliths and on their tops.

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