Paul Valery

Problems are the decisive element that distinguishes between success and failure. Only because of the problems we grow mentally and spiritually. M. Scott Peck there who respect and honor the difficulties; a difficulty is light and an invincible difficulty is a Sun. Paul Valery not is because things are difficult that we do not dare to make them. Because we do not cringe making them them are difficult.

Seneca a well thought-out problem, is a problem half solved. Dale Carnegie what I tell you is that Internet will not be a problem more by Instead, may be the solution to many of your problems. Mark Stevens describes an additional similar source. But to have an effective performance you must rid your mind of other problems and dedicate yourself to think. You might wonder how does this guy who I dedicated myself to think and I forget my problems?Do not ask that, you just ask you to learn to separate times. You should leave the time needed to take care of the problems and then think on the Internet. The two things go separately, do not coexist together. The time you spend to the Internet, free of external, only thinks of this new career, function or job that you’re trying to form.The only way you logaras grow on this medium. You already know that there are problems, don’t let that aturdan you at such way preventing you to perform is new task that you’ve proposed.

If you put all your effort you will discover a new and exciting world of possibilities on the internet, and where you can surprise yourself, where you will discover within yourself qualities and conditions that you do not imagined. I only remains to say that give you this opportunity, that you can start from where your instinct more believe it convenient, but now begins. But don’t forget that the most important thing is: think, think and think. I left this definition I found in a book about the problems because I thought it was the best for the end: fix problems is like trying to fix the clouds of the sky. You fix them and the second is desarregladas. Muchi sima white Edward luck. Original author and source of the article

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