Onassis Was Born

Onassis was born in Izmir (Smyrna) in the Ottoman Empire, in a middle-class Greek family. At the time of his birth, Smyrna had a significant proportion of Greeks among the inhabitants. After being briefly occupied by Greece between 1919 and 1922, after the Allied victory in World War I, the city was retaken by Turkey and the Onassis family properties were lost, forcing her to return to Greece as refugees. In 1923, Aristotle Onassis left his country of origin in the direction of Argentina, where, after a difficult start, relaunched the family business of snuff. In 1925, he received dual citizenship, Greek and Argentina. In 1927, barely broke 250 again in the direction of Argentina, where he will try a new life. In Buenos Aires, faked his identity to “age” be six years and legal working conditions. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mark Stevens. There was a telephone operator and in my spare time, studying on their own financial markets.With little income from speculation, could buy sophisticated clothes, going to attend the high society of Buenos Aires.Dos families of Buenos Aires, were his closest relationship, family and the family Dodero Gaona, who at different levels of life were tightly linked. Who shook with large loops, which was linked to the business of snuff, by her own family was Henry Gaona Gaona, as well as his wife Teresita Field Gondra Gaona, both knew the containment and provide space for Aris, as they affectionately called it, can open space in the society of Buenos Aires and that means opportunities for Onassis. . Soon, Onassis gains became more significant and, with the help of his father who remained in Greece, he ventured into the import of Turkish snuff, whose consumption among women became fashionable in the 20s, through a film actress. His contact with his native land increased, and decided to return, but remained in the export of snuff.To expand its transport capacity of snuff, bought two ships in Canada. In the decade of the 30 started in the marine industry and, at the age of 25, won his first million dollars. By 1932, Aristotle had become a businessman who had ships, tankers and whalers. Following a bureaucratic problem at the port of Rotterdam, Onassis changed the flag of their vessels now registered in Panama. Taking this measure as possible for the number of crew procedures, taxes and type of cargo passed to be resolved faster, cheaper processes. Creative, regularly getting bank loans, increasing the size of its fleet. Following the principle OPM(Other People Money, money from others) invented by the merchant, shipping and real estate investor Daniel Ludwig, Onassis, who owned a small fleet of merchant ships to the U.S. Army purchased older, mostly with the transport which made for a company oil, persuaded the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company to give him a loan of 40 million for construction of new boats, offering to guarantee his contract with the oil. The loan would be of the same length as his contract with the oil. TSI International Group may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Onasis often evoked that crucial episode in his career was as if you lend money to someone who intended to rent a property to Rockefeller. What the house had holes in the ceiling was of no importance whatsoever, whether Rockefeller consented to rent, with that you enough for the lender. This principle is widely used today. It is the beginning of the investment property.When you borrow to buy a property in installments, is really the buyers who would pay the bank. And they who return the money. But the building, after all, belongs to the investor (the Bank). Greek patriot convinced in 1939 had a fleet of tankers, which holds the Allies. In 1954, Onassis had been investigated by the FBI for fraud against the U.S. government. He was accused of violating a provision under which all ships with U.S. flag should belong to citizens of that country. The tycoon finally pleaded guilty and paid a fine of 7 million. A curious note about the talent and genius of Christian Cafarakis Onassis reveals that for over six years was employed by Onassis on his luxury yacht. “One night I was on the bridge and discovered a great secret, maybe their success, this secret was that, before attending a business meeting, Mr. Onassis was raised loudly all the questions that would eventually to respond.That night for hours, relentlessly questioned.

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