North Pole

The ones that creem in GOD very use this word, that it means: it rewards valuable of the faith, prize, honor and glory for the hope; Jesus Christ is a GOD SERVANT, spirit of developed and superior qualities, which GOD deposited its confidence, as it consists below: Here it is here my SERVANT, to who sustenhorao, my elect one, in who if apraz my soul; I put my spirit on it; it will bring justice to the heathen ones. Isaiah 42:1 Here it is here my SERVANT, who escolhorai, loved mine, in who my soul if compraz; I will put on it my spirit, and will announce to heathen the o judgment. Mateus 12:18 Thus says you (GOD), the king of Israel, its redentor, Mr. of the Armies: I am the first one and I am the last one; beyond me he does not have God. Isaiah 44:6 SCIENCE AND THEOLOGY OR VICE VERSA our dictionaries of each day, say in them that: Science – Meant: of the Latin feminine substantive Scientia, rigorous and rational knowledge of any subject; body of knowledge, on one determined subject, gotten by means of a proper method; domain organized of knowing; organized set of knowledge based on objective relations verifiable and endowed with universal value; the set of sciences; the universe of science; instruction; erudio; to know to make; art, technique. Theology? Of the Greek theologia, science of deuses, for the Latin theologia, feminine substantive, studies of the referring questions to the knowledge of the deity, of its attributes and relations with the world and the men/women, and the religious TRUTH. 2. Read more here: Anita Sehgal. The rational study of the sacred texts, the dogmas and the traditions of the Christianity and etc. The rotation of the Land is the spinning that the Land carries through around of its axle, in the anti-horaorrio direction, for a referencial observing the planet in the sidereal space on the North Pole.

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