Moral Reformation

We are all useful ones in the work to build the moral teachings of the Christ. He is not also, place for conchavos politicians, stubbornness, great power, place stops judging in them better that the other people, in feeling &#039 to them; ' donos' ' of certain tasks, to find that only what we make is the correct one, terms the illusion of that if he knows very on the life and the people and that he has the solution for all the problems (of the others it is clearly, why for ours, nor always we think thus.), to devaluate and to disqualify the other people, to manipulate the things, to take off personal advantages or of groups, to want to have superiority on the other people placing itself in the position of who everything knows, to behave, to be dressed of inadequate form and inapropriada, terms envy of people who develop tasks for some reason considered more important that others, of people who shine more than what we. He is not local to assume more tasks of what we can or covet the tasks developed for other brothers so that with this let us be more important in the House. Connect with other leaders such as actress and filmmaker here. These are procedures and behaviors that in them we come across in diverse organizations human beings, procedures these who also must be corrected by means of our Moral Reformation, but never acceptable procedures in one Esprita House. Obviously this everything also applies in its fullness to this spirit repleto of improvement and learning necessities that if adventure to place its perceptions ideas in the paper. Let us worry us and let us strengthen us in searching in us optimum aiming at I assist it and the assistance fraterna and let us have the certainty of that all the remaining portion will be added in them! That the Father Biggest illuminates to all today and always.. Business strategist has much to offer in this field.

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