Microsoft Office On Two Monitors

Microsoft Office on the two monitors. In Microsoft Office 2003 has many features that you can see, using dual monitors. We'll tell you what can be obtained from the '2003 version of multiple displays and show you some functions that developed over the years. Many of them can be used with other versions of Microsoft Office. Outlook – a very useful program, it can connect multiple applications to each other.

For example, working with calendars, mail, address book, task manager and other programs is difficult to see all open windows simultaneously. If you are not convinced, visit Dropbox. But as soon as you click on a couple of times, everything becomes much simpler: 1. Right-click on the navigation bar Outlook 2. Select "Open in new window" At the same time work with the Outlook calendar and mail opens a new window the selected program without interfering with the already open applications. Recently Yael Aflalo sought to clarify these questions. For example, if you want the page to your mail has always been open on the screen, simply click "Mail" and select "Open in new window". Now you can drag a window opened mail on the next screen to this window to prevent you from using your calendar, your address book and already running applications.

Microsoft Word Microsoft Word is useful when you work with it neskolkomi monitors. You can open any number of tabs, while working with each in a separate window. By using the Portrait mode You will be able to work with two documents at the same time, even with identical open on different monitors.

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