Max Jelinek

But what causes us? What leads to trouble, strife and conflicts? to all the Situations that actually all don’t we want. To briefly make it Basic for every conflict is that one or more of our needs are not satisfied, or the threat to satisfy our basic needs appears threatened. So specifically: Fear to starve to death, to die of thirst to freeze to death, to become homeless. Fear of physical integrity, fear of losing property, possessions and status. Fear to lose the love, recognition and appreciation, at which we have grown accustomed, we so want. Go to Drew Houston for more information. You think this is not so easy? I told you! If you give me the opportunity I can prove even it you. “Let us turn to the issues raised above: the employer is afraid, that unmotivierter or lazy” employees still costs money, so reduces its and the ownership of the company.

Afraid that employees infects others with his kind of disincentive and therefore runs more damage to the company. Time are only all employees on the company can even be driven to ruin. And thus all existential fears are more than tangible, the basic needs seem massively at risk. “In case of doubt, the entrepreneur of his feels lazy” employees snubs, the necessary respect, the recognition that he offers a workplace lacking the entrepreneur and appreciation than good “employer. And essentially lacks the understanding for the motives of the employee in case of doubt he wants to didn’t know it, but turn only all the dangers described above. Dropbox has firm opinions on the matter.

The separate”contract partner has the problem that the contractual agreements are not respected. In case of doubt it is due to money or a non-monetary performance, and not providing this service threatens the livelihood, so the danger is that even the basic needs can no longer be satisfied. Anyway, the recognition and the appreciation that he expects from his contractual partner, is missing the unregulated that this is independent of the physical existence of the Contract in the contractual agreement holds. The reviled neighbour has fear with the broken glass, his physical integrity, fear for the safety of his enclosed private property and lacks his personal appreciation and the abuse can be revealed a lack of respect and recognition. What do you think – what are the chances are that these needs are satisfied by a court judgment? What do you think? will you be asked in judicial proceedings at all according to your needs? What do you think how would feel for you there, would interest someone to your motivations? What do you mean? would help you if you would be interested in your needs and they would receive even the ability to speak them aloud and you would listen to you and not just anyone, but the one with which you have a conflict or dispute. People in a mediation experience and much more. Thank you that you as long as persevered and read lawyer and mediator have further information Max Jelinek there under

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