Mansion Demand

In this connection, it does not rule out further, reducing the bank rates on loans to construction companies, with subject to lower inflation. 'If the trend will continue to reduce inflation, I think that before the end of the year we will see even lower rates' – said German Gref. It is worth noting that in early 2009, these rates were at 18%, but then they double-declining and is now fluctuating at 15-16%. According to Gref, in the foreseeable future, subject to increasing customer demand for real estate, the Savings Bank is ready to increase lending in this area. Just head Savings stressed that currently the Savings Bank 'with liquidity is no problem. " Portfolio of loans issued by the Savings Bank building companies of St. Petersburg, according to him, now stands at about 63 billion rubles.

A similar position is occupied by the rcc and president, Vladimir Yakovlev, he stated that in future the cost per square meter may be reduced by 20-40% with respect to the above level, but to achieve this need to develop common approaches to pricing, competent and independent assessment of the risks and investments as well as the optimization of a very large amount of overhead. In general, the decline in property prices is very necessary to construction industry. To date, approximately 80% of projects under construction in Russia is frozen due to lack of consumer demand. However, according to independent experts, the statements, German Gref, give a positive dynamics. According to Ivan Shulkova, director of the department evaluation and consulting analysts' Mansion ':' The main factor in the stagnation volume of effective demand is the decline in purchasing power relatively rapidly rising prices.

Since the beginning of the year prices on the Moscow market was about 30%. " The company's analysts' , just note that the cost of housing in St. Petersburg at the moment continues decline, and it is connected with several factors, but primarily, of course with the fall of demand. Developers that implement their projects with borrowed money, for the timely return of loans to banks, have make significant savings on real estate that would somehow stimulate sales. Such sales are no more than an attempt to get "credit" from the buyer. To survive the crisis, the developer needed cash means that in a falling market can only get "" real estate market. Thus, talk about what the real estate market in Russia has reached its bottom, at the present time are premature. Many Analysts believe that this would be to say no sooner than next year.

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