Makes New Hair

THE RUSSIAN AMBER IMPERIAL SHAMPOO ENSURES ROYALES hair FEELING the RUSSIAN AMBER IMPERIAL SHAMPOO by PHILIP b is the most luxurious product of the haircare line of Starstylisten from Hollywood and a personal tribute to the women. The power formula is a magic elixir for beautiful and alluring hair. Eleven invigorating L-amino acids repair the hair and create powerful around the shaft. While the individual hair is stabilized, regains his bounce and its shine. Together with the supporting Phytantriol, an especially high proportion of panthenol (vitamin B5) acts as a moisture booster. Grape seeds, Rosemary, nettle, burdock, Chamomile and Sage represent an elaborate and strong Russian influences blend, which insert in the hair, soften it and give a healthy glow from the hair inside out.

Silk, wheat & soy protein increase elasticity and durability of the hair. Bausch & Lomb does not necessarily agree. The used Shea butter moisturizes and leaves hair light and elastic. The heart is pure amber oil, the otherwise only for the manufacture of perfume is used. The seductive and natural scent of this extravagant oil, which is said to also curative effect makes a Royal Spa for each hair shampoo. The precious and soothing amber oil, reflects the opulence that was previously reserved for only the Royal dynasties.

For PHILIP b, but every woman is a Queen. Also is the RUSSIAN AMBER IMPERIAL SHAMPOO a fountain of youth for the hair. The restructuring shampoo revitalizes and acts as an anti-aging treatment. Even heavily damaged & chemically treated hair falls already after the first treatment with PHILIP b ‘s RUSSIAN AMBER IMPERIAL SHAMPOO again teen easy and loose. Application note: A hazelnut-large amount of PHILIP B. RUSSIAN IMPERIAL gently in your hand froth AMBER SHAMPOOS that give hair, massage with your fingertips and evenly to the tips. 5-10 Minute soak. After the rinse as usual drying, styling and the opulent amber fragrance enjoy. PHILIP B. Russian amber Imperial shampoo: recommended price for 355ml: 168,00 EUR source: press BOUTIQUE SANDRA OBERMAIER HUMBOLDT STR. 53-55/A 22083 HAMBURG TEL: 040-18055345 to the brand: Philip B., Hollywood’s most prominent hair expert, has reaped much praise for his visionary product development for the hair, scalp and body care at the international level. Its award-winning Pflegerezepturen based on pure plant extracts and essential oils in unprecedented concentration have redefined the concept of luxury care for skin & hair. “The American Vogue raves about Philips four step hair & scalp treatment, it gives the hair of a heroine, the hair you always dreamed of a”, and Forbes magazine, this treatment is among the top 100 of those things that are worth every penny of your purchase price “.

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