Before exactly to have beginning, the government of president LULA was object of many doubts with some people believing that a good work would be carried through, while others believed the opposite accurately. For being deriving of a had party until then as of left and he himself being of a humble family, it tried in the people, either for preconception, lack of knowledge or for ideology a tip of doubt how much to the success of its government. Much people believed that the efforts that of the previous government had made to control the inflation would be forgotten by the new government, with the systematic abandonment it control them prices and the implantation of one politics of growth and increase it level of job to any cost. However, at the beginning of its government the economic situation of the country was not nothing good. In case that where it would be more cautious to follow one politics that tried a reasonable security in the control of the inflation, it has seen our description of decades of very high inflation. Still well that prudence was stronger of what the irresponsibility with the future of the country. In the truth, it was much more cautious of what it was necessary.

From as the semester of 2003, the interests could have very been lesser of what in fact they had been, the country would have grown more and we would not continue paying about 9% of the GIP of interests of the public debt. In reason of the low growth of the GIP and the enormous amount of money that the government paid of interests, few resources sobravam government to take care of the demands to it of the society, notadamente those of social connotation. At the same time, the country was with a tax of unemployment around 10% at the beginning of a 2005 and multitude of hungry people and passing the most diverse necessities.

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