Los Cylinders

Review of Direct ignition system without distributor naturally a distributorless ignition system DIS lacks completely of the Distributor that we already know. For more specific information, check out Bausch & Lomb. Remove the Distributor improves confidence in the engine to reduce the number of moving mechanical components. Fewer moving parts have motor, less problem give us. Other advantages are: to) greater control in the ignition spark generation. There is more time available for coil to build up one sufficient magnetic field, necessary to produce a spark that will light the mixture air/fuel. This reduces the number of cylinder failure. b) is removed completely from electrical interference from the Distributor. Ignition coils are now near or on the spark plugs.

This eliminates electrical interference effects. (c) time of ignition can be controlled in a wider range. At a dealer, if applied too forward or delay manually, was very likely that the secondary voltage zap the wrong cylinder, causing many times that a vehicle will not turn on. The foregoing reduces the chances of failure in cylinders and ignition problems. The distributorless ignition system regularly are defined as a single coil equipped with two wires from spark plug for two cylinders. Without the Distributor ignition systems employ a method called simultaneous ignition (also called spark double) where a spark is generated from an ignition coil for direct it to two cylinders simultaneously. Direct ignition systems are mounted on the spark plugs ignition coil. The direct ignition systems come in two forms: to) independent on a coil for each cylinder.

They no longer use spark plug wires. (b) simultaneous on one coil for every two cylinders. In this type of arrangement a coil is mounted directly on a spark plug and a high voltage cable connects to the twinned cylinder spark plug. Thus the spark is generated in both cylinders at the same time. The simultaneous system without distributor Los systems ignition operation Without Distributor and direct ignition systems that use a coil of every two cylinders they employ the method known as simultaneous power, as we saw.

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