Legalities Of Cyprus Property Purchase

Consider the sequence of actions required to purchase a property in Cyprus Cypriots. 1. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Kaihan Krippendorff on most websites. Preparation and signing of the contract. Outset – we strongly recommend that you use the services of a competent lawyer. Not only did he produce such a contract, which will serve the best interests of both parties to the transaction, and ensure their safety, but also to check all aspects of real estate legal purity. This is done by treatment in the Land Registry, where the lawyer will be able to get all the details about the property you are buying and to provide an easy purchase and subsequently receive a title holder in your name.

When the contract will be fully prepared, with taking into account all the interests of both the seller and the buyer, it can be signed, and what is important from the buyer can sign a contract attorney, Power of Attorney. Incidentally, this same power of attorney can continue to serve as a lawyer in preparing all necessary documents and finalize the transaction. 2. Pay registration fee on time. Since the signing of the contract begins to run 30 days, which the state has allocated to the buyer to pay state fees. This registration fee is calculated approximately as 1.5 euro per 1000 euro cost of housing up to 150,000 euro and 2 euro per 1,000 euro value exceeding this amount. We always recommend that your lawyer to find out the actual rates of state fees for this moment, as from time to time they may change.

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